It has been known for some time that breast density can have a masking effect, making it more difficult to diagnose breast cancer on a mammogram.

However, we now also know that breast density is a marker for a significantly increased risk.

Many women are already aware of this and may be questioning you about their breast density. Qualitative reporting of density is no longer enough.

Lake Imaging is pleased to introduce Volpara™ Density Measurement. This sophisticated software program delivers accurate volumetric measurement of breast density, obtained during the diagnostic mammogram. Referrers will now receive notification of breast density in the mammogram report, with a recommendation as to whether supplemental screening may be needed, based on risk.

Volpara Health Technologies Limited is a leading provider of breast imaging analytics and analysis products that improve clinical decision-making and the early detection of breast cancer. Every day, Volpara software helps clinicians better understand their patients and administrators better understand their practices.

Volpara Health Technologies Limited is a research, development, and manufacturing company based in Wellington, New Zealand. With a diverse research team led by internationally recognised experts in medical physics, as well as proprietary medical imaging technology covered by multiple patents and trademarks, we apply science to the solving of clinical problems around the world.