Privacy Policy

The Geelong Breast Clinic is committed to ensuring that your personal information is professionally managed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and all relevant State legislation ("Privacy Legislation").

The Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) contains the National Privacy Principles which, in conjunction with other Privacy Legislation, set the standards for the way in which private organisations such as The Geelong Breast Clinic handle personal information.

This Guide sets out how we may collect, use and disclose certain types of personal information which we obtain from or about you, how we ensure that that information is kept secure and how you can obtain access to that information.


At The Geelong Breast Clinic we obtain your specific consent to allow us to share your radiology results with other relevant health care professionals. If you do not consent we cannot release your details to any health care provider other than the person that referred you.

Why do we need your details?

Primarily, the personal information collected by us about you is used to ensure that you receive the best radiology service possible. Accordingly, any personal information collected about you may need to be shared amongst health professionals involved in your treatment.

Monitoring quality of care and patient satisfaction

In addition to the above, aspects of the personal information we collect may be used to monitor the quality of care we provide, the appropriateness and effectiveness of the services we offer and the level of our patient's satisfaction with the service provided to them. As a result, we, or someone we authorise to contact you on our behalf, may contact you in the future to seek your feedback on the health services we have provided to you whilst under our care.

Data required by law

We have legal obligations to provide various data sets of information about our patients to the following entities:

  • Department of Health and Ageing.
  • Health Insurance Commission.
  • Relevant Health Insurance Companies.
  • Work Cover.
  • Transport Accident Commission.
  • Relevant Insurance Companies.


Unlike some health care providers, The Geelong Breast Clinic does not use your information for any form of marketing, nor do we pass your information to any third party for marketing or advertising.

Business management

From time to time we may need to use or disclose aspects of your personal information for administrative purposes such as accreditation and evaluation activities, quality assurance activities and liaising with our insurers, lawyers or other advisers in the ordinary course of operating and managing our business


For billing purposes it may be necessary to share relevant aspects of your personal information with third parties such as your other health care providers, Medicare, your private health insurance fund and where necessary, outside collection agencies such as insurance companies.

Storage of your details

We are a digital practice and therefore your details are kept on our Radiology Information system which is accessed only as required by relevant staff. It is monitored to ensure that unauthorised personnel cannot access your information.
Written personal information is kept on site, we do not use third parties to store your personal information.

Your Right of Access

Under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), see this link for more information; you generally have the right to access the personal information that we hold about you. This includes information we store electronically on a computer database, as well as documents which make up your personal health record.
If you wish to access the personal information we hold about you please contact one of our helpful staff via our online contact form. A more detailed discussion of our privacy policy is also available on request.

Resolving Complaints

An act or practice which an individual or organisation believes to be an interference with their privacy, may form the basis of a complaint. The Geelong Breast Clinic encourages such complaints to be resolved between themselves and The Geelong Breast Clinic. If you would like more information or would like to contact us please call (03) 5222 0900.

If the complaint cannot be resolved directly the party may attempt to resolve it by referring the matter to the Privacy Commissioner.